There are many different types of fully integrated genetic testing software products that we offer, including:

  • Hereditary cancer eligibility tests that assess genetic cancer risk
  • Genetic disorder eligibility tests that assist in the diagnosis as a carrier of a disease
  • Complete electronic document management submission and solutions
  • Complete tracking and inventory of specimens from intake to sequencing machine
  • Automated Customer Service for patients and physicians for real time updates

Benefits of Using Eligibility Software

The goals of using eligibility software are to:

  • Determine eligibility for genetic tests in real time thus reducing unnecessary costs
  • Able to be integrated with other insurance verification platforms
  • Generate personal and family history information to customize medical treatment plans
  • Determine what tests are appropriate for each genetic test
  • Automatically generates ICD-10 codes for each test
  • Assists healthcare professionals to make a timely and accurate diagnosis
  • Reduces customer service of the physician in answering document requests.

Benefits of Using Automated Processes

Today’s lab software is outdated and was not intended for the rigorous processes and procedures of genetic testing, our software does the following:

  • Increases reliability
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases availability through cloud based platforms
  • Increases performance
  • Increases profitability